With this collaboration, La Glits extends its support towards specially abled children at Feet Me Up. You too can be a part of this beautiful initiative by adding a hand-crafted bow by Feet Me Up kids to your La Glits cart. The bow is priced at Rs99 only. The proceeds from this go straight to the welfare of kids at Feet Me Up.

What is Feet Me Up?

Feet Me Up is a three-and-a-half-year-old project started by two women, a Psychologist, and a Physiotherapist. They have been running this special school in Delhi for the last ten years. Feet Me Up is an initiative of I Care Learning School, a school engaged with children with special needs. This school is committed to its goals of providing children with customized support by designing curriculum and activities solely for a child’s specific needs.But the ultimate vision lay in making these children independent. Thus, the idea of ‘Let’s Make Dependent Independent’ was born.

What do kids at Feet Me Up do?

What makes us worth it? The Integrity and devotion of the La Gits Team towards gorgeous women are best showcased The major USP of Feet Me up is that all this hand-curating work is done by uniquely abled people. Feet Me up aims at giving employment to uniquely abled people by training them in hand painting shoes and apparels and in customising accessories. Though Feet Me Up focuses on online selling, they still have a Studio cum store in Delhi which is managed by uniquely abled people, first time ever in India.